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Fennel Pure Essential Oil – 10ml

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Fennel is part of the carrot or parsley family and is related to cumin, dill and anise. Fennel’s history dates back to the time of ancient Egyptians who used it as food and medicine and was even thought to be a snake bite remedy in ancient China. 

An intriguing fact relates to the origin of the marathon when Pheidippides carried a Fennel Stalk during his 150-mile run to Sparta. He was on a mission to collect soldiers for the battle of Marathon with Persia in 490 BC. 

Fennel in its original state, Fennel Oil, seeds and extracts have tons of uses, such as baking, ice cream, condiments, salads, and teas. It is often added to perfumes, soaps, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics. Fennel oil can be found in liqueurs like sambuca, non-alcoholic beverages and toothpaste.

  • Country Of Origin: Maldova
  • Nett Volume: 10ml

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Uses & Benefits:

1. Helps Heal Wounds

Fennel Oil has antibacterial properties and has certain compounds that help protect wounds from becoming infected. It is a good natural option to heal a cut.

2. Contains Antioxidants and Antimicrobial Characteristics

Fennel Essential Oil is a high-antioxidant compound that has antimicrobial characteristics. It provides antimicrobial activity against bacteria and fungi.

3. Treats Digestive Issues

Fennel Essential Oil helps relieve gas, bloating and constipation. Rub two drops of Fennel Oil combined with a carrier oil onto your tummy for quick relief.

4. Relaxation 

Combine one drop of Fennel Essential Oil with one to two drops Lavender Essential Oil and a carrier oil and rub on your neck and chest.

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