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Frankincense Pure Essential Oil – 10ml

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Frankincense has Medieval and Biblical roots and is closely linked with being burned in sacred places and religious rituals. 

It is prized for its powerful aroma and the white smoke it exudes when burned. 

The term “franc encens,” is French for “high-quality incense.” It is believed that its fragrance brings good health, cleanses the home and purifies clothing. 

  • Characteristics: Woody, Earthy and Spicy with a Fruity nuance. 
  • Country Of Origin: Somalia
  • Nett Volume: 10ml


Uses & Benefits:

In Aromatherapy, Frankincense works as an expectorant to clear the nasal passageway and relief congestion. 

Frankincense Essential Oil can added to a diffuser or inhaled for its sedative, earthy fragrance. A few drops of Frankincense added to a diffuser or mixed with water to make an air freshening spray can eliminate airborne bacteria. 

Sprayed in a bedroom at night, it can help achieve a state of relaxation and readiness for sleep.

This anti-septic oil makes a natural homemade cleaner and disinfectant to cleanse indoor environment.

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